Welcome to Fresa Help Desk

Fresa Technologies introduces a one - stop point of contact that provides a centralized information and support management service for customer queries through ticketing system.

Fresa Help Desk helps to resolve customer grievances efficiently and fastly with ticket management system.

Fresa Help Desk keep the customers informed by sending out timely updates about the status of the ticket.

Fresa Technologies makes it easier for the customers to reach out for support through support channel.

Fresa Help Desk ticketing system creates a ticket for every customer interaction irrespective of the platform through which they originate.

The unified interface of Fresa Help Desk will our support team to get a 360 degree view of the customer issue.

Every support request/customer query is assigned to a unique ticket number. Customer can use the ticket number to track the progress. A complete history of all the support request will be provided for customer reference.

Creating a ticket for every interaction to make sure the Help Desk does not miss out on any customer query. There should be no unattended interaction. This will ensure proper monitoring by the team.